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Gather ideas for your kitchen remodel and sketch it out

Decide what you want. When you have some ideas in mind, draw up a general outline of the remodel. Save ideas or vision to help develop your remodeling plans. You should also consider how your kitchen will be used and whether your new design will fit within the existing floor plan.

Create a Budget and Desired Timeline for the Kitchen Remodel

When you have an idea of what your dream kitchen looks like, you can determine how much does it cost, or you need help to establish your budget for professionals. You should also have a general idea of how long your kitchen remodels can take from 1- 2 months.

 Call in the Professionals

Your task is to research and find the best professionals to realize your unique designs. An excellent place to start is to visit big- box stores and showrooms to get a look at every material available and pick up a few referrals.

Do a walk around with each prospective contractor to go every aspect of the kitchen remodel and get at least three different estimates that include timetables for completion and whether you need to add or subtract from your budget. Takedown a checklist of requirements for hiring a contractor and ask all the questions you have before signing a contract.

Demolition Day

            The paperwork browsed and approved, the design is finalized, and the team of workers you’ve hired is ready to start tearing down the kitchen. Some homeowners choose to leave their house during demolition, but others opt to remain in the home. If you prefer to do so.

Here are a few tips you need to do:

  • Set -up a temporary kitchen in another room of the house
  • Make sure you have a space for preparing small meals
  • Bring only the essential appliances you need for cooking
  • Use a mini-fridge as storage
  • Stock with some disposable kitchen utensils
  • Keep non-perishables handy

Putting it Back Together: The Order of Steps in a Kitchen Remodel

When you’re ready to put the remodeled kitchen back together we recommend you few steps to complete your renovation:

  • Configure your plumbing and electrical (needs update)
  • Paint and install kitchen cabinets
  • Install kitchen cabinets
  • Install countertops and backsplash
  • Place appliance and cabinet hardware
  • Wrapping up your kitchen remodel projects

You can check out your newly renovated kitchen items if they are complete and wrap up the others that still need attention. Everything that was agreed in the contract if you worked with the contractor was fulfilled before you give the final payment, and everything is organized. You can finally resume a regular cooking routine in your brand new kitchen.

Happy cooking!

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